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OK here's a few pointers

The animation was very choppy. Try to make the FPS higher and draw more frames to make it more fluid. Second, maybe you could try adding colors. It will make the characters stand out even more. Third, try adding some sound effects. It gets very boring when all you hear is silence. Good luck on future animations. :]

Lare responds:

Thanks for the pointers. I'll probably make another one very soon, so I'll try add some sound and colors.

The "next" button doesn't work

Redo it, then reupload.

Very interesting style of animation

Thank you for not being boring! This is probably the first submission today that I've actually really liked. The beginning part with the fish was really well animated. I laughed when I saw the guy that looks like the Canadians in South Park. Good job :]

Now for the criticism: I think the lines were a little too light. I wouldn't make them completely opaque, but maybe just a little bit darker to contrast with the background.

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One question

How did you get the sounds to have no delay? I've been having that problem with my flash drumset.

DJ-DaVinster responds:

what i did was a made each drum head thing into a movieclip, and made the first frame with a stop(); script and made a second keyframe next to it and added a sound on the frame. then i clicked my movie clip and when to behaviors, hit the plus, goto movie clip and select goto and play at frame or label, on the type 2 in the box. then click the behavior select on keypress and press your key. hope this helps

That doesn't even sound like Dr. Phil

Besides, soundboards aren't funny anymore.

Too short

I admit, it was well animated. The problem is that it's too short. Maybe if you take this concept and make something longer out of it, you can make a full game that's more fun to play.

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Great video game music

Reminds me of F-Zero. I love it. :]

BinbagMcGraw responds:

Thanks for the review! I never considered the F-Zero similarities before, but you might just be right. Maybe I should look into doing tracks for racing games now, that'd probably work nicely.

Sounds great

I like the transition at 0:23 and the bells. Overall, this piece gives me the feeling of a Mexican army approaching like in the battle of the Alamo. The swell of the trumpets is nice too. It really builds up the tension before the strikes. Loops well too. My only criticism is the title. It doesn't sound very silent to me. :P

Tombor911 responds:

I might change the name...i couldn't think of anything good. Any Suggestions?

Overused samples from Garageband

The first cello loop was even used by Fort Minor in "Believe Me." Overall, I found this too disconnected. It doesn't really flow, and it sounds like just a bunch of loops in succession. My advice is to stay away from using only loops. Try to add in your own melodies, beats, etc. I started out this way too.

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