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Well, hell

2008-07-28 21:05:31 by guyperson42x

I haven't been dedicating time to make my music. I've just been pulling couple-second loops out of my ass. Very disappointing. Mostly it's because I have a so much goddamn summer AP (English 3 and Chemistry) homework. Hopefully when I finish, I'll start working harder on my projects.


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2008-07-28 21:12:23

Okay, I'm only dissapointed that you can't focus long enough.


2008-08-11 02:13:26

Iv been the same way lately, but i have no reason,
im just not posting my work, most of it is half started
remixes. Your best bet is to make a huge come back and
produce aa awesome track thats 100% yours, that will attract
more fans and get ur old ones stolked on your music.
Keep it up, iv seen alot of artists come and go, and it would be
a shame to see you go. Keep it up. =D